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It’s natural in the business life cycle and timeline to see a fluctuation in client intake. Think of it as the seasons: you can’t be in bloom all year, so while sometimes you’ll have a large influx of clients, it’s likely that things will fall fairly silent for a little bit. While this is normal, it isn’t ideal, and there are some things that you can do to keep the clients coming. Even better, these ideas don’t cost much! According to reports by Huify, attracting new clients can cost five times as much as retaining current ones. By using these tips, not only are you retaining your current clients, you’ll be able to get new clients coming through your door.

Build Relationships Through Social Media

Social media is a low-cost and incredibly robust tool when utilized strategically. One of the best ways to use it is to tap into its social potential and build relationships. Each platform has its own nuances and targeted audiences, so be sure to do a little research to find out which platforms work best for your business. Instagram, for example, has features such as the Explore page, hashtags, and the ability to see similar profiles, so that puts potential clients in your circle. Truly leverage the social aspect of your social media. 

Keep and SEO-friendly blog

SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a key part of client attraction. Blog content helps websites to rank higher on Google, and this is a tested strategy that works. How exactly does it work? Start by researching keywords that your target market might search for. Tools like Keywords Everywhere can help you see what people are researching around your selected keyword. If you’re a consultant, try finding keywords related to your industry, and then put these keywords into your blog post so that your website ranks higher. 

Master Your Field

The best way to attract more clients? Be good at what you do. Instead of investing in marketing, it’s a good idea to put your time and energy into providing stellar results to the clients you already have. The results will speak for themselves, and your clients are likely to tell their friends either by word of mouth or over social media (check the aforementioned tip). If you need advice on how to allocate your time, you should always put more time into delivering for your current clients rather than spending it on finding new ones.