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Ambrosio Blackwell

Small Business Ownership

About Ambrosio Blackwell

As a finance professional and small business owner, Ambrosio Blackwell knows just how closely the two go hand in hand. In his career in finance, he’s currently serving as a commercial financing and business cash flow strategist, helping his people, community, and country navigate the infinitely complex world of finance. 

As a child, Ambrosio’s love for business started early, fueling him to run two different businesses during his adolescence: he diligently held a paper route through which he funded his second business, a lemonade stand. Through this experience and educating himself about the importance of financial literacy and its application, Ambrosio built not only the foundation for his financial career, but laid the groundwork for becoming a small business entrepreneur. 

It was in 2003 that Ambrosio Blackwell first began working with other small business owners and forging his own path along the way. He began branching away from the work he was doing to help individuals purchase and refinance homes towards helping individuals, most already homeowners, start or buy a business or franchise, often using their homes as capital. 

As a small business owner, Ambrosio knows the satisfaction that comes with the work that he does. As an employee, you work hard towards the goal of the company, but once your labors end, so do the fruits. When you work as a small business owner, you have the opportunity to infuse yourself into the business, to leave your imprint through how your business can serve your community, your region, your country, on every level, both micro and macro. As a business owner, if you have fully executed your business plan to the height of your ability, you can partake in the gratification that comes from building and selling a business, ideally enjoying the fruits of your labors for the rest of your life. 

Through sharing the knowledge and skill set he’s acquired, Ambrosio also wants to help others find success. He is passionate about educating others, and even worked in academia for a semester at the Jack Welch Management Institute as an Assistant Professor, instructing students in finance and accounting. 

Ambrosio Blackwell earned his degree with an emphasis in Accounting from the University of California at Riverside, and then earned his MBA with a focus on both finance and marketing from La Sierra Riverside. After graduation, Ambrosio held several different roles within the financial industry: before his current work as a commercial financing and business cash flow strategist, he worked as a Business Banking Officer, Business Banking Relationship Manager, and Commercial Loan Officer. 

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